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Tours - Geinberg

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G3 route of culinary delight: The Innviertel’s Surspeck (cured bacon) is back

Wheat, barley, rape, and cornfields shape the landscape along the Inn (Inn river) between the Mattigtal (Mattigtal valley) and the Pramtal (Pramtal valley). Here, the Innviertel granary shows its particularly colourful side, and picturesque towns such as Obernberg...

Nordic-Walking-Strecke, Laufstrecke
Innviertel Runde - Bewegungsarena

Innviertel Runde - Bewegungsarena Starting point: Red Cross The Innviertelrunde starts downhill with the Thermenlauf, crosses after 200 m street and then leads to the Franzoskreuz against the Raiffeisen round. Continue towards the slender line round and together...

Nordic-Walking-Strecke, Laufstrecke
Lagerhaus Runde - Bewegungsarena

Lagerhaus Runde - Bewegungsarena Starting point: Red Cross The flat warehouse round begins together with track 2 + 3 and then leads the way to Ellreching. Continue to Durchham where the round can be abbreviated (length of the abbreviated round 6,100 m). Along the...

Nordic-Walking-Strecke, Laufstrecke
Raiffeisen-Runde - Bewegungsarena

Raiffeisen-Runde - Bewegungsarena Starting point: Red Cross Start together with route 3 + 5 and then runs largely in the Geinberger forest on natural ground. The Raiffeisen round is particularly suitable for Nordic walkers, beginner beginners or simply for enjoying...

Nordic-Walking-Strecke, Laufstrecke
Schlanke Linie Runde - Bewegungsarena

Schlanke Linie Runde - Bewegungsarena Starting point: Red Cross The slim line round starts together with track 2 + 5 and leads to the Danner chapel, opposite the thermal baths. Continue to Ellreching, through the Geinberger Forest and back to the starting point....

Nordic-Walking-Strecke, Laufstrecke
Thermenlauf - Bewegungsarena

Thermenlauf - Bewegungsarena The thermal run starts at the VS and from there leads uphill to the starting board of the Bewegungsarena. Further downhill through Geinberg, to Neuhaus, through Nonsbach to the Danner Chapel, where she meets the "slim line round"....

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