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Tours - Mühlheim am Inn

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Nordic-Walking-Strecke, Laufstrecke
Gimplinger-Runde - Bewegungsarena

Gimplinger-Runde - Bewegungsarena Gimplinger Round Start / Finish: Wirt z'Winklham or Sonnenblumenhof Length of the route: 7.350 m Height: 45 m The Gimplinger round starts either at the z'Winklham inn or at the Sonnenblumenhof and leads the runners / Nordic Walker...

Inn Bike Path from Braunau am Inn to Passau R3

Baroque pearls and gems of nature The Inn Bike Path follows the river from its origin in Maloja to where it flows into the Danube in Passau. Whilst on the Upper Austrian portion of the path, you will experience priceless gems of nature in the form of lush green...

Nordic-Walking-Strecke, Laufstrecke
Raiffeisen-Runde - Bewegungsarena

Raiffeisen-Runde - Bewegungsarena Raiffeisen Round Start / Finish: Gemeindeamt Mühlheim Length of the route: 5.300 m Height: 35 m The Raiffeisen round starts at the municipal office in Mühlheim and leads past the local bathing lake along the federal road in the...

Nordic-Walking-Strecke, Laufstrecke

Sivag-Runde Sivag Round Start / Finish: Gemeindeamt Mühlheim Length of the route: 8,500 m Height: 55 m The Sivag round starts like the Raiffeisen round at the municipal office in Mühlheim. Through meadows and fields you go to the Ache. After about 2km you...

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