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BUROIDA Brennkuchl

Mettmach, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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At the time of Maria Theresa, distilling rights were granted to hard-working farmers who had settled in an economically weak region. This right allowed them to produce 300 litres of pure alcohol per year. This privilege has now been carried out for over 100 years in the Buroida Brennkuchl and proudly passed on from generation to generation.

The regional products are carefully processed into liquid delicacies such as liqueur, whiskey and Innviertler G9 Dry Gin. The spicy juniper flavour harmonises perfectly with the Kobernaußerwald blackberry, while fully ripe raspberries lend an unprecedented freshness.

In the hilly Innviertel region, there have always been farmers who work their forests, meadows and fields to the best of their knowledge and belief in order to provide for their families. The Buroida farm also developed into an impressive business in the 18th century and from then on it was impossible to imagine the village of Neulendt without it. The name "Buroida", originally "Buchroiter", refers to a cleared stand of beech trees near the farm. In addition to their enthusiasm for farming, our ancestors discovered a passion for refining fruit and grain into unique distillates.
Today, around 30 cows, numerous calves, a dozen chickens, a few pigs and the well-behaved farm cat Jakob are lovingly cared for and looked after at the Buroidagut.

Fresh grass, fragrant hay and grain from the local fields are used as feed for the animals. The high quality of the feed makes it possible to supply high-quality products such as milk to the dairy and meat to the butcher. In this way, Buroidagut helps to supply the markets in the Innviertel region and beyond with tasty food.

Legend has it that a Buroida ancestor distilled excellent whiskey, which he used to get the devil drunk and ultimately put him to flight. Admittedly, there is no reliable source for this. What is certain, however, is that Buroida whiskey is still fabulously good. Incidentally, it is produced on the basis of Maria Theresa's distilling law, which allowed industrious farmers in poorer regions to distil spirits. It's a good thing that the monarch brought the Innviertel to Austria back then.

In 1998, the old stable was converted into a farm shop where distillates, whiskey and liqueurs can be tasted and purchased. Since 2019, the Buroida Brennkuchl has also been producing G9 Kobernaußerwald Dry Gin, which is very popular. On request, the Buroida Brennkuchl is happy to organise tastings of its own brandies for groups of 10 people or more.

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BUROIDA Brennkuchl
Neulendt 4
4931 Mettmach

Phone +43 7754 2757
mobile +43 650 4407630
E-Mail office@buroida.at
Web www.buroida.at/

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Mr Florian Gumpinger
Neulendt 4
4931 Mettmach

Phone +43 650 4407630
E-Mail office@buroida.at
Web www.buroida.at/

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Neulendt 4
AT-4931 Mettmach

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