© Vater und Sohn_c_S'INNVIERTEL Tourismus_Matthias Klugsberger
© Vater und Sohn_c_S'INNVIERTEL Tourismus_Matthias Klugsberger
Vater und SOhn gehen Steg entlang; neben ihnen glitzert der See; hinter ihnen erkennt man Wiesen und Wälder in herbstlicher Atmosphäre;

Cities in Innviertel

Cities worth seeing in Upper Austria's Innviertel: from Baroque bourgeoisie and brewing traditions

Baroque rows of houses, magnificent churches, a colorful and varied history.
A river that brings wealth to the country as a trade route.
The cities of the Innviertel are gems of the special way of life on the border between Upper Austria and Bavaria.

The Inn, though actually the border river, is still the central axis of the Innviertel. At times when water power was still a foreign word, the Inn was an important traffic axis for trade. Goods exchange brings prosperity and this formula is especially true for the cities and towns on the Inn. Shortly after the river has taken in the Salzach and swings slightly to the north for its final leg to the Danube, the town of Braunau lies on its right bank. And here is the typical pattern of an Innviertel city: splendid town houses on the town square have saved a visible sign of the wealth of their builders into the 21st century. Many of them are still gothic in their core, although later styles have reshaped the "face", the facade. The parish church of St. Stephan owns one of the tallest church towers in Austria - also a sign of prospering economic times.

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At the gates of Braunau, just off the Inn is Altheim. First traces point back to antiquity, as the Roman Museum shows. The small town is especially popular with beer connoisseurs, because with the breweries Raschhofer and Wurmhöringer two breweries are located here.


The quintessential Innviertler Baroque is the silver line on the Upper Town Square of Schärding. Merchants and tradespeople signaled that they belonged to the different guilds with the bold colors of their houses. Apropos: A guild Schärding still flourishes is that of the brewery - Baumgartner beer is brewed in the Baroque city and finds in many as well as traditional restaurants also many thirsty throats.


If you consume the strong Innviertler delicacies in the shady garden, then you should also put your calories into motion. As prudent as the Innviertler are, they also build the mobile pedestals for it. Mattighofen is the two-wheeled city of Austria par excellence, because under the name KTM bikes and motorcycles are created here on the highest level of technology. How good that the city is right at the center of a sizeable cycle path network.


Ried im Innkreis has also made a name for itself far beyond its borders. As a trade fair city, it has been the scene of one of the most traditional agricultural fairs in the country since 1867. The city is also worth a visit away from the trade fair: the well-decorated city square is adorned with colorful facades - a fountain with the statue of the legendary city founder Dietmar. It is home to the famous sculptor family Schwanthaler. And last but not least, it brews here too. The round trip through the Innviertel sounds like a cool Rieder beer.


Ried im Innkreis


Barockstadt Schärding