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Lebensarchitekt Daniela Schönberger

Höhnhart, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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đŸŒș🌾 LEBENSARCHITEKT - Daniela Schönberger 🌾đŸŒș

Certified mental coach | hypnosis coach | energy work | card reading

Practice for seminars and hypnosis
Hypnosis đŸŒș
Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for anchoring certain new patterns in the subconscious or changing old patterns.
This is necessary if you want to quickly change certain behavioural patterns, such as addictions.
Hypnosis is also mainly used to stop smoking.

Mental training đŸŒș
The great opportunity lies in the decisions we can make every day!

What is mental training?
Mentos = the thought, so it is thought training.
"He who sows a thought today will reap the deed tomorrow, the habit the day after tomorrow, then the character and finally his destiny".

Mental training is a universal mental tool that not only helps us to recognise the meaning of our lives, our life's mission and the path to fulfilment, but also to solve the task we have identified. With its help, we can solve our problems, fulfil our wishes and safely achieve our goals. All in a fraction of the time previously required.

The great thing is that with the help of mental training, success becomes visible in just a few days!
Only my belief sets limits, in reality the possibilities are limitless!!!

There is no successful top manager who does not work with it.
No top athlete can compete today without mental training.
Victory or defeat is decided in the mind!

Mental training leads...
- Acceptance of the current life situation
- To the willingness to allow change
- Recognising your individual mission in life
- To a stable personality
- To lust for life instead of frustration

Energy work đŸŒș
Why is that? What is the reason? What is the cause?
There is a "why?" for everything that is, was and will be.
Nothing happens without a reason.
Everything that is now has its past and therefore its causes.
Everything functions on the basis of certain connections and processes.

Our body constantly wants to communicate with our consciousness.
Unfortunately, however, we often do not understand the language of our body or do not take the time to listen to certain signals.
No illness or pain comes from one minute to the next.

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Lebensarchitekt Daniela Schönberger
Höhnhart 60
5251 Höhnhart

mobile +43 676 7808940
E-Mail office@lebensarchitekt.at
Web www.lebensarchitekt.at

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Contact person
Mrs Daniela Schönberger
Höhnhart 60
5251 Höhnhart

mobile +43 676 7808940
E-Mail office@lebensarchitekt.at
Web www.lebensarchitekt.at

Legal contact information

Barbara Schönberger
Höhnhart 60
AT-5251 Höhnhart

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